Title card
Knock-off of Aladdin (Walt Disney Pictures, 1992)
Alternate German titles Aladin und die Wunderlampe
English titles Alladin
Written by Roswitha Haas
Starring Armin Drogat
R.M. Erhardt
Georg Feils
Christopher Fellehner
Bernt Moehrle
Klaus Mueller
Dirk Regenbogen
Viola Seiffe
Music by Georg Feils
Ludwig Ickert
Can Oral
Uli Wanka
Release date 1993
Running time 1 hour, 5 mins
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Aladin (also known as Aladin und die Wunderlampe) is Dingo Pictures' longest movie, released in 1993 and their first movie to cash in with a popular animated film released around the same time.


Imagine, you get told a story and when it gets really exciting, they say "So, that's it for today". The same happened to Sultan Schalar. He hated people so much that every night he brought a girl to the palace and had her killed the next morning ... until Scheherazade arrived. She told the Sultan a story, making sure that it was really exciting at dawn. The sultan decided to keep Scheherazade with him one more night so he could hear the end of the story. But Scheherazade always started just before the night was over with a new story ... and of course, the sultan wanted to hear it over as well. After exactly 1001 nights the Sultan had loved Scheherazade so much that he did not want to live without her. One of the most beautiful stories from 1001 Nights is the fairy tale of Aladdin and the magic lamp.


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 ) Original music
K ) Killer Tracks music
B ) Bluevalley music

  Aladdin's Theme - ? [theme tune]
  Greece - ? [Plays throughout the film]
  Didgeridoo - ? [Plays twice throughout the film]
  Eerie - ? [Whenever Dschinni appears from the lamp]
  Depressing - ? [Aladin gets so lovesick]
  Heroic - ? [Plays throughout the film]
  Funky - ? [Plays throughout the film]
  Soraya, oh Soraya - ? [Lyrical version plays when Aladin has to wait three months for Soraya to be married to him/Instrumental version plays when Aladin gets sad about losing his new palace/End credits song]
  Soraya und Aladin - ? [Lyrical version plays when Aladin tells Soraya that he loves her/Instrumental version plays throughout the film]
  Marching - ? [Plays twice throughout the film]
  Teppich Fliegen - ? [Lyrical version plays when Aladin flies over to Africa/Instrumental version plays when Aladin goes to the bazaar]



  • Some versions of the movie have scenes that have their fades being at a different length. Other scenes have also been re-animated and/or changed positions.
    • In the case of the Spanish dub, some scenes were also reanimated.


English dub

  • The audio is out of sync with the visuals even more so than in other English-language versions of Dingo Pictures cartoons. All of the voice acting was done by what appears to be a father and son, and very rarely do their lines correspond to the mouth movements of the characters.
  • The English dub's voice actor reads "exit scene" at one point.


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The original German film can be viewed here:

Aladin Full Movie fullmovie

Aladin Full Movie fullmovie

The English dub can be viewed here:

Alladin (1993) (English)

Alladin (1993) (English)


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