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  • German:
    • Aladin und die Wunderlampe (VHS/DVD, various distributors)
  • English:
    • Alladin (DVD, East West Entertainment)
  • French:
    • Aladin et la lampe magique (DVD, Fun Kids)
  • Italian
    • Aladino (DVD, Legocart; DVD, Bimbo Cartoons)

Dub actors

  • Spanish (Dubbing Films, Barcelona):
    • Carlos Lladó as Aladin

Dub edits

  • Art Media's English dub of the movie, aside from the actors poorly reading their lines, which are often out of sync with the animation, infamously loops a piece of music from the film (specifically the scene where Aladin is in the parade) over the entirety of it, with the exception of the beginning of the film. Whenever a character speaks, the audio from the German track that plays underneath the music loop stops.
    • This is also the case with their French dub of the movie. The looping track in this case is from the scene where Aladin is in the market. The track stops playing after Aladin lets the genie out of the lamp.
  • The Italian dub uses a different backing track much like the English and French versions do, albeit not as poorly-done. The new tracks were taken from the Bluevalley CD 7b. Specific tracks include "Arabia" and "Tiefebene". This dub may have been recorded around the same time as the Italian dub of Der Glöckner von Notre Dame, as they use a single female voice actor.