Arcadia Entertainment is the defunct home media division of Tropea Holdings (formerly Sanyo Holdings Hellas), a conglomerate founded by the Papageorgiou brothers in 1972, in order to distribute the appliances of the Japanese electronics company. The said division would be managed by veteran TV producer and businessman Nikos Vergetis (best known for providing financial support for the making of the hit Greek show Eglimata; the fact he was born in Tropaia similarly to the Papageorgiou brothers might explain his presence in the company).

As far as kids releases go, Arcadia would distribute and license properties of Mondo TV (including both in-house productions and Italian versions of anime shows) and Whamo Entertainment, as well as others (public domain releases of Popeye shorts, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Denver, the Last Dinosaur etc.)

Junior Home Video (established in 1996 by Markos Koufadis and Christos Koudakis) was one of the companies Arcadia woud co-operate with, in terms of DVD authoring and distributing content. Aside from Arcadia's content, Junior would also distribute low-quality public domain cartoons (sourced from German prints) and Dingo Pictures films. Unlike the Star Video releases that only contain a Greek audio track, the Junior ones also contain English, German, French and Dutch audio tracks.

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