Title card

  • The Dutch CD-ROM release replaces the German title card with a custom-made Dutch title. The East West DVD (and presumably the WG/Art Media DVD) is based on said release.
  • The Italian Sound Music International DVD replaces the German title card with a custom-made Italian title.
    • The Italian BimboCD.com DVD also had a custom title card reading "Dalmata" appear at the beginning of the film. Their logo also appears twice at the beginning and at the end.
  • The Polish dub replaces the German title card with a custom-made Polish title.
  • The Kids Play release had a custom-made title card reading "Auf der Suche Nach den Dalmatiner", "The search for the Dalmatians" and "Les Dalmatiens".


  • The Polish dub translates the time card.
  • The Dutch VHS, (presumably) WG/Art Media, East West, BimboCD.com and Kids Play DVDs all have the Dutch-translated time card.
  • The Italian BimboCD.com dub has all of the music muted whenever a character is talking. This is assumed to be why that dub is based off the English dub.


  • The Polish dub overlaps part of the alternate copyright card crediting the company that produced said dub (HBS Polska) and the year it was produced (2003).
  • The end credits are removed from the Scandinavian and Italian BimboCD.com DVDs.


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