• DJKaito

    I got my Hands on the Swiss MC of the Radioplay. I Uploaded it to youtube a few days ago. Here you can hear into it

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  • Spudface

    I have a Discord

    January 11, 2020 by Spudface

    I have now decided to have my Discord. If you want to add me there, it's Yee#0815.

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  • Clippy the useless Office assistant

    A few months ago I started looking for information about Jenymar, a company that published Dingo movies in Spain. Although I have not found very useful information about this company, I have seen that they also published porn movies. Interesting, right?

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  • Mtymaster11

    What really surprises me about Dingo Pictures is how they’ve never made an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. It’s obviously one of the most famous children’s novel from England yet Dingo never made a rip off of it. I know we should all be relieved that Dingo never had the chance to make it but I still can’t help but wonder what a Dingo’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland would look like. Since they love to reuse their assets, I think I have a clear idea of what character models & backgrounds would be used with modifications.

    Good thing Dingo Pictures never made a Thomas & Friends rip off because it would be traumatizing.

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