Das Schwert von Camelot/International information


  • German:
    • Camelot (DVD menu, WG/Art Media; CD-ROM port, WG/TRS Media)
  • English:
  • French:
    • L'épée de Camelot (title card, WG/T.R.S. Media)
    • Camelot: Le Légende D'Excalibur (DVD, Fun Kid's)
  • Dutch:
    • Het Zwaard van Camelot (title card, WG/T.R.S. Media; DVD cover, Art Media)
  • Italian:
  • Portuguese:
    • Camelot: A Lenda Da Espada Magica (voiceover title; VHS, Trisan Editores)

Dub actors

  • Italian:
    • Diego Sabre as King Arthur

Dub changes

  • There are at least two Italian dubs of this movie, one from the Bimbo Cartoons release and the other from the Legocart release.
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