Das Schwert von Camelot

Das Schwert von Camelot

Title card
Knock-off of Quest for Camelot (Warner Bros., 1998)
English titles The Sword of Camelot
Written by Roswitha Haas
Starring Armin Drogat
Simone Greiss
Günther Henne
Music by Ludwig Ickert
Release date 1998
Running time 30 mins
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Das Schwert von Camelot is a Dingo Pictures movie that was released in 1998. It is noticable for being one of two movies to include a live-action narrator, the other being Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten.



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English dub

  • For some reason, the live-action scenes are cut out on the East West Entertainment DVD release. The PlayStation version has the scenes intact.


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