Das unglaubliche Fussballspiel der Tiere
Title card
Knock-off of Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Walt Disney Pictures, 1971)
Alternate German titles Fussballspiel der Tiere / Fussball-Weltmeister­schaft der Tiere
English titles Animal Football / Animal Soccer World / The Animal Soccer Championship
Written by Roswitha Haas
Starring Armin Drogat
Thorsten Morawietz
Simone Greiss
Bernt Möhrle
Herma Rotkirch
Music by Ludwig Ickert
Release date 1998
Running time 30 mins
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Das unglaubliche Fussballspiel der Tiere is a Dingo Pictures movie that was released in 1998. It is notable for its usage of characters from various other Dingo movies as well as its infamous English dub.


Everybody is busy with the preparations for the event of the year, the largest soccer game of all time! The favoured team of the "Wild Dogs " assumed the challenge of equally favoured "Lionkings". The coach of the "Wild Dogs " spends sleepless nights. Does Bulli his left defender never learns not to beat up his opponent- or Butcher, the-Keeper, never loose his fear of a penalty kick? Also in the opposing team there are problems. The best forward of the "Lionkings", the small lion, never wants to pass the ball. And to make things even worse, a swarm of Hooligeese is reported to be on the way.... Finally the time has come. The match is about to begin.

-From the Dingo Pictures website


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  • During their first talk with Harry, a brick appears between shots under Jovi's feet.
  • Krummel isn't allowed to play soccer because he's too small, yet another small dog about his size gets to play in the match.

English dub

  • The audio is out of sync with the visuals even more so than in other English-language versions of Dingo Pictures cartoons. All of the voice acting was done by one person, and very rarely do his lines correspond to the mouth movements of the characters.
  • During the football match, the announcer reports on the ball missing the goal several seconds before it actually happens.


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