Das unglaubliche Fussballspiel der Tiere/International information


  • German:
    • Das Fussballspiel der Tiere (VHS and DVD, various companies)
  • English:
    • Animal Football (PlayStation, Phoenix Games)
    • Animal Soccer World (PlayStation 2, Phoenix Games)
    • The Animal Soccer Championship (DVD, East West Entertainment)
  • French:
    • Le "Foot" du Stade (DVD, Fun Kids)
    • Football de la Jungle (PlayStation 2, Phoenix Games)
  • Dutch:
    • Het Grote Dieren Voetbal Kampionenschap (DVD, Art Media)
    • Het Dieren Voetbal Kampionenschap (DVD, unknown company; 4-movie pack)
  • Swedish:
    • Djurens Fotbollsmatch (DVD, Kids Only)
    • Djurens Fotbollskamp (DVD cover, Kids Only)

Dub actors


  • Dan Bratt as Wabuu
  • Kennetth Mildoff

Dub changes

  • The Italian dub and an English dub presumably produced by Phoenix Games appear to use the Dutch dub as the source, as the song is still in Dutch. The Italian dub uses different backing tracks for most of the movie, while the English dub just plays a loop of a piece of music from the film that is commonly referred to as the "ominous jungle drums".
  • The Italian dub has different music to the ending credits, likely due to the Dutch dub's audio ending prematurely at the start of the credits.
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