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Narrator: It came to pass many hundreds of years ago that the story of Quasimodo and the lovely Esmeralda unfolded here in Paris.

Narrator: Even in those days, Paris was a great city, where the citizens viewed everything strange or unusual with fear and mistrust, and many of them believed in witches and the devil.

Narrator: As throughout time in those days, there were also children who had no parents. Most of these children were secretly brought to the church, in the hope that the pious nuns and the monks would take care of them. Also in the morning of the day, where our story begins, the nuns and the monks of Notre-Dame, the most beautiful cathedral Paris, discovered a foundling child in the church.

Nun #2: Holy Mary! I don't know much about children, but I'm sure that it's a sin to look upon this child.

Nun #1:

Nun #2: It is a horror to behold, it can't be Christian, it should be thrown into the fire.

Nun #1

Frollo: Quasimodo? What are you doing here with this witch? And what is this costume? You, as the pope of fools!

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