Der König der Tiere: das grosse Abenteuer
Der-Koenig-der-Tiere-das-grosse-Abenteuer-title1.jpg Der-Koenig-der-Tiere-das-grosse-Abenteuer-title2.jpg
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Knock-off of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (Walt Disney Pictures, 1998)
Alternate German titles Der König der Löwen 2
Der Sohn des Königs der Löwen
Der König der Tiere II: Das große Abenteuer
Der König der Tiere
English titles Lion and the King
Lion and the King 2
Son of the Lion King
Lion and the King 3
The Lion and His Son 2
Written by Roswitha Haas
Starring Armin Drogat
Thorsten Morawietz
Pascale Drogat
Simone Greiss
Music by Ludwig Ickert
Release date 1999
Running time 30 mins
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Der König der Tiere: das grosse Abenteuer is a Dingo Pictures movie that was released in 1999. It's a sequel to Der König der Tiere.


It’s business as usual in the jungle. The old lion had been a good-natured and wise king and the animals usually obeyed his orders. Only Robin, the king's little son didn't want to obey him all the time. His dream was to find the treasure of the black Panther, who had been chased away by the animals. The old lion tried to keep his son from the treasure search especially since this treasure had brought only misfortune. But Robin did not worry about it. At the same time Pino, the son of the black Panther planned to get the treasure. Both of them met. Now this new story of the animal king tells how the two enemies finally became friends. Taken from the official Dingo Pictures website, with typos fixed:


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  • This was the first ever Dingo Pictures movie that was reviewed by Phelous.
  • A few lines (e.g. "The diamonds! My god!" and "Your father, the black panther, is your father?") became memes ever since Phelous reviewed the movie.
  • This was one of the Dingo Pictures movies to have many sequels on gaming consoles, the other being ...noch mehr Dalmatiner.


English dub

  • Robin's line "Your father, the black panther, is your father?" is read in a way that makes it sound redundant. The first "your father" was likely supposed to be said as a seperate questioning statement.


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For the prequel and sequel see:


The original German film can be viewed here:


Der König der Tiere Das Grosse Abenteuer (1999) (Deutsch German)

The English dub can be viewed here:


Lion and the King (not The Lion King)


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