Title card

  • The Italian DVD translates the title card to Italian.
  • The Kids Play DVD shows a pair of blue, white and blue squares that read "Der gestiefelte Kater" in German, "Le Chat Botté" in French and "Puss in Boots" in English.


  • The East West, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Kids Play DVDs end with the jester chef character, while other copies end with the cat smoking. Similarly, the Greek VHS ended with Hans and the princess holding hands.

End credits

  • The Italian DVD borrows the end credits from Auf der Suche nach den Dalmatinern instead of the correct film's credits.
  • In a similar case, the Polish DVD borrows the end credits from Ein Prinz für Ägypten.
  • The Brazilian Kids Play DVD fades out the music after the jester chef's scene ends likely due to it being mastered from a Swiss DVD Kids Play release.
  • The Greek VHS borrows the end credits from Tarzan: Der Herr des Dschungels, while keeping the film's ending theme.


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