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Narrator: Few famous colleagues of mine... they are... musician... in a city called Bremen. And the story goes like this. On the Lundebürger Heide, not far from Bremen, was a beautiful old mill. In the mill lived a donkey for many many years. The donkey looked at the landscape, because he had nothing better to do. Earlier, yes, earlier, when he brought sacks with corn to the mill, and very often he had to make the mill's stone move.

Donkey: Right, I'm going to Bremen, and become a musician, and a singer.

Donkey: Hmm, doesn't sound bad at all. If I work on it a little bit more, then I'm going to be the best. Okay, let's go to Bremen.

Narrator: No cocks, no cows, no tractor sounds, nothing.

Dog: You must be lost.

Donkey: Thank god, there is someone home.

Dog: How you know?

Donkey: Well, it happened to me too.

Narrator: Started telling. "Earlier, I was a watchdog. Everybody respected me." "Is there nothing... you would like to do?" asked the donkey. "Yes... yes, I used to hide. I waited till they got out from the car and then, woof! It isn't... that much more fun in a dog's home." "Dog's home?"

Dog: Please start!

Narrator: It's a long way to Bremen. Suddenly, the dog smelled something. "Poo!" he said. "I smell poo!" Yes! Ahem... "Where there's... poo, it must be a farm!" And indeed... when they arrived they saw, it was a real farm, and there was a... cock. It was a real farm, and there was a big pile of poo, and on there, there was a real cock.

Donkey: But that's impossible.

Dog: Helge Schneider!

Cat: Music means something!

Dog: We are going to Bremer, and then we are going... gonna be rich and famous with our music!

Donkey: And if we are a trio, we can also be a quartet.

Cat: You're the best musicians! Meow!

Narrator: They had so much fun making mus-music, most people... didn't pay appen-attention to it. They looked... where the misis-music came from. They looked where the music came from, and when they saw the dog, the donkey, the cat, and the cock sing, the man said, "That's... actually the band we are looking for."

Donkey: Real robbers!

Dog: A lot of money.

Cat: At least a hundred-thousand euros.

Narrator: "There is the police! We are discovered!" the robbers shouted, and they ran through the... back door outside. First, they started to count the money. It was more than one hundred-thousand juros... euros. It was two hundred-thousand euroes. Ha ha ha! In Bremen, they bought everything they needed for their own studio.

Donkey: And we should call ourselves the Bremer Musicians.

Narrator: So did it. And, they... became famous.

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