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Die schönsten Geschichten vom Osterhasen is one of Dingo Pictures' storybook movies that was released in 1993 and one of two storybook movies in the Osterhasen series. It is also one of three collaborations with LUI.TV, the others being Griechische Sagen: Perseus and Die Nibelungen Sage: Siegfried.


There are only a few days until Easter. The Easter Bunnies are very busy. But things don't turn how the way they should, the most beautiful and colorful Easter eggs have disappeared. Harry, the Easter Bunny detective, faces a difficult task. And there's Nikki, the Easter bunny girl, who suddenly starts to feel weird at the Easter Egg hiding place. No wonder, because she is immediately pulled out of the top hat of a magician who is just giving a children's performance.

And because even Easter Bunny children like to tell stories, they imagine what would happen if the Easter Bunny was not an Easter Bunny but an Easter Elephant or an Easter Giraffe. Or an Easter...? You're bound to think of even more!


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