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Edutain4Kids Limited (also known as Edutain4Kids A/S and 4KidsOnly) is an ebook distribution company based in Ipswich, England and founded in 2017 by Jens Gadegaard, Michal Duch Goldschmidt Søndergaard, and Leo Nørnberg Andersen. Their main output is adaptations of Dingo Pictures movies and Hans Christian Andersen stories.


The company was founded on January 25th 2017, setting up the company in Sudbury, Suffolk, with the company's website being set up a month later. Andersen would later leave the company in November of 2017, with Jens Gadegaard being referred to as a "person with significant control" and Søndergaard ceasing to hold significant control in October of 2019, with Gadegaard holding 75% or more of the company's shares.[1]

List of films adapted into books

Hans Christian Andersen/Non-Dingo Pictures-related books

(Note: With the sole exception of The Swineherd, published as The Swineherd, none of these books are available to read on the company's website, and are possibly scrapped with the sole exception of the illustrations on the main illustrator's website.)

  • The Swineherd
  • The Tinderbox (possibly scrapped)
  • The Nightingale (possibly scrapped)
  • The Steadfast Tin Soldier (possibly scrapped)
  • The Little Mermaid (possibly scrapped)
  • The Ugly Duckling (possibly scrapped)

The illustrator for these books, Sami Cezar,[2] has also worked on an adaptation of the story of Moses, however this was for a different company known only as Creative Fellows and is thus not related to the Dingo version.

One other artist is known to have worked at Edutain4Kids, Patricia Moll, who worked on the lineart.[3]

Relation with DVD Production/Kids Only

One of the three founders of the company, Michal Duch Goldschmidt Søndergaard, is known to be the former CEO of Dansk Video Duplikering/Danish Video Duplication A/S, the company which distributed Dingo Pictures movies in Scandinavia on VHS, DVD and CD-ROM under the label of Kids Only[4]. Aside from the stories themselves being directly taken from Dingo Pictures' movies with some differences (e.g. Rasputin in Anastasia being locked up alongside his companion rat instead of dying in an explosion, Komo in Balto falling by losing his balance and landing onto the cliff's shallow edge instead of running off the cliff, falling, and dying), an earlier version of the website displayed usage of seemingly original copies of covers from three of the Dingo Pictures movies DVD is known to have distributed: Auf der Suche nach den Dalmatinern, Der König der Tiere, and Wabuu der freche Waschbär.[5]

The company has also previously used the Kids Only branding, including on copies of the books on Amazon being labelled as "Kids Only Books," and the company's Redbubble page originally used a copy of the original Kids Only label as the profile picture, and changed to a squashed tracing of the label c. 2019.


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