Ein Prinz für Ägypten
Title card
Knock-off of The Prince of Egypt (DreamWorks, 1998)
English titles Moses: Prince of Egypt / The Prince of Egypt
Written by Roswitha Haas
Starring Armin Drogat
Thorsten Morawietz
Richard van Weyden
Simone Greiss
Music by Ludwig Ickert
Release date 1998
Running time 30 mins
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Ein Prinz für Ägypten is a Dingo Pictures movie that was released in 1998.


Long time ago a cruel Pharaoh ruled Egypt. The people of the Israelites were allowed to live in Egypt, but he treated them like slaves. As the Israelites began to resist, he ordered to kill all newborn babies. But one child survived. His mother had marooned him it in a little basket on the Nile. The Pharaoh’s daughter found the baby and took it with her. She called it Moses. And so Moses became the prince of Egypt. When Moses was a young man, the spies of the Pharaoh found out the truth about his origin. Moses fled to the desert. There the God of the Israelites spoke to him: "you are chosen to lead your people out of Egypt." But how Moses should do this? The Israelites only knew him as prince of Egypt, the grandson of the Pharaoh. Why should they trust him? -Taken from the Dingo Pictures website


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 ) Original music
K ) Killer Tracks music
B ) Bluevalley music

  Pagode - ? [Plays throughout the film]
  Aladdin's Theme - ? [Instrumental version plays throughout the film]
  Destination Relaxation - Howard Pfeifer [Plays throughout the film]
  Zip and Cindy - Steve Kujala
  Ominous Jungle Drums - ? [Plays throughout the film]
  Soraya, oh Soraya - ? [Instrumental version plays throughout the film]
  Oops - Jonathan Merrill [Plays throughout the film]
  Heroic - ? [Plays throughout the film]
  Suspense B - ? [Plays throughout the film]
  Eerie - ? [Mice appear in the pharaoh's palace]
  Epic Rock Music A - ?


English dub

The English dub is incomplete on some versions of the East West DVD, where it is named "The Prince of Egypte". This version skips the title card and abruptly ends at 29 minutes and 9 seconds.


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Ein Prinz für Ägypten - Dingo Pictures German 1 2


Ein Prinz für Ägypten - Dingo Pictures German 2 2


The Prince of Egypt (Dingo Pictures)


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