Günther Henne

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Günther Henne (born: 30.09.1934, died: 17.02.2008[1]) was a German actor and soccer player. On Dingo Pictures he was a voice actor for characters.


In 1960 and 1961 he played soccer for TUS Celle and Werder Bremen. After studying acting and singing, Günther Henne was a guest in various productions in the Unterhaus Mainz, the Fritz Rémond Theater Frankfurt, the Schnawwl Mannheim, the Münchner Tournée Theater, the Frankfurt Opera and the Hessischer Rundfunk. At the same time, he was a guest at almost all Theaterhaus productions: "Schumann's Kinderszenen" 1994, "Outside" 1995, "Die Rabbit Island" 1996, "Die Bohnenstange" 1997, "Danton's Death" 1998 and "Zu Gast bei der Addams Family" 1999 At the TheaterGrueneSosse he played in: "Fliegenspiel" in 1995, "Heinrich the Fifth" in 1996 and "Strandläufer" in 1999. From the summer of 2000 till his death he was a member of the Theaterhaus Ensemble.[2]


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