• English
    • Goldie (PlayStation, Midas Interactive)
    • The Little Deer (DVD, East West Entertainment)
  • Spanish
    • La Leyenda de Bambi (DVD, Jenymar)

Dub actors

  • Swedish:
    • Anja Schmidt as Narrator

Dub changes

  • The Russian DVD strangely has an English dub which is different compared to the regular one. Some changes included a female narrator like in the Scandinavian Kids Only dubs, and some of the sentences have been changed slightly.
  • Similar to the French, Spanish and Russian dubs of Artige Katzen, the Spanish dub uses multiple voice actors instead of just one.
  • The Norwegian dub's voice track suddenly disappears on standalone Norwegian DVD copies, but on the Norwegian VHS and a double feature DVD containing this and Der König der Tiere, the voice track is left alone.
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