Griechische Sagen: Perseus
Perseus-title1.jpg Perseus-title2.jpg
Title card
Alternate German titles Perseus
Directed by Roswitha Haas
Ludwig Ickert
Written by Roswitha Haas
Starring Rainer Maria Erhardt
Viola Seiffe
Günther Henne
Armin Drogad
Music by Uli Vanka
Can Oral
Release date 1992
Running time 27 mins
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Griechische Sagen: Perseus (also known as simply Perseus) is Dingo Pictures' first fully-animated feature and possibly their first ever work, released in 1992 as part of a VHS titled Drachengeschichten, along with Die Nibelungen Sage: Siegfried, both of which were collaborations with LUI.TV.


"Perseus won't bring you luck, Acrisius", oracles the seer Talos at the birth of Perseus, the son of the father of the god Zeus. And that doesn't happen. Acrisius sends his grandson out to sea. But Zeus protects his son and Perseus is saved.

Will Zeus help him too? Can Perseus make his way to Medusa with the dreadful snake head? Or will Andromeda be freed from the shark? And what does the oracle say?

All of this and more you'll find out in the exciting and entertaining cartoon from the world of Greek tales.

- Rough translation of the blurb from the back cover of the Jünger Verlag VHS


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 ) Original music
K ) Killer Tracks music
B ) Bluevalley music

  Greece - ? [theme tune]
  Eerie - ? [Talos reveals Perseus' future to King Acrisius]
  Depressing - ? [King Acrisius leaves Perseus and Danae into a river/Acrisius' death]
  Soothing - ? [Plays throughout the film/End credits song]
  Acoustic Guitars - ? [Dyctis finds Perseus and Danae in a box and falls in love with her]
  Jawharp - ? [Plays throughout the film]
  Suspense A - ? [Perseus and Ajax fall into a waterfall]
  Nymph Kingdom - ? [Perseus and Ajax go to the land of Nymphs]
  Suspense B - ? [Andromeda is trapped and almost eaten by a shark]
  Ominous Jungle Drums - ? [Phineus fights with Perseus]



  • This is among Dingo Pictures' very few movies to be consistently, fluidly animated. Notably, being one of their earliest releases (the earliest in some lists) this constrasts strongly against posterior films, which are infamous for their extremely poor quality in terms of animation.


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Griechische Sagen Perseus (Deutsch)


Leggende Greche Perseus (Italiano)


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