Jünger (also known as Jünger Verlag, Jünger Medien, Jünger Medien Verlag or Jünger Verlag GmbH) was a Book and Film distributor located in Offenbach, Germany from 1973 to 2003. Last CEO was Helmut Jünger. The Jünger Verlag GmbH acted as a sales and production company initially for the founded in 1950 Werner Jünger Dia, film and sound publishing and developed audiovisual education programs. In the years before the bankruptcy, publishing activities were supplemented by sales, distribution, production and services for other companies, but in some cases they were completed in the previous year.

In 2003 they went bankrupt and were sold to Burckhardthaus-Laetare GmbH. Today they operate under the name "Jünger Medien"

To Jünger the Unipart Verlag, BuchVerlag für die Frau, Gabal, Burckhardhaus Lataere Verlag and Jünger Home Entertaiment belongs to.

Films distributed by Jünger Verlag

  • Pocahontas (1995) Catalog Number: 3052 (52 min) / 3056 (29 min)
  • Anastasia (1998) Catalog Number: 3606  •  Illustration: Jörg Zahradnicek


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