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J.E. Schum GmbH & Co. KG is a 1877 founded Wholesale Company founded by Johann Eugen Schum in Würzburg, Germany.


1906 Eugen gave the company to his son Hugo Schum and the husband of his doughter Gottlob Biermann. On 16. März 1945 the buildings of the company get destroyed. In 1946 the sons of Hugo, Werner und Richard Schum, took over the company. 1954 they could reopen. In 1975 the son of Richard joint the company and they restructured the company for the growing retail self-service. On 08.12.1994 they get themself into the retail market. The "Knüllerkiste" was their first retail costumer store. 2004 they founded Schum EuroShop, A 1€ Discounter. 2009 Julia und Christian Schum took over the company. Today Schum has 2.500 employees, is located in Germany and China and has over 30.000 costumers in Europe alone. Teare are over 300 Euroshops in Germany.

They still produce and sell Dingo Pictures Movies.

Published Movies