The Rangers (1960s)

Ludwig Ickert (born 1946) is a German musician and the founder of Dingo Pictures. He lives at the address of Dingo Pictures and the phone number belongs to him.


From 1962 onwards, he played the lead guitar in a Blues-Rock-Band called Royal Teens[1](consisting of Peter Gersomke, Ludwig Ickert, Jürgen Biehn, Peter Göring & Gustav Schneider). In 1966, he changed the band to The Rangers, which was renamed to The Trembles[2] (consisting of Robert Wolf, Ludwig Ickert, Marek Lieberberg, Jürgen Kessner & Axel Schürmann).[3] Back then, he was a local celebrity. On 21th October 1966, they were guests on the television show Beat Beat Beat.[4] [5]The band is also featured in the book "Die Beat Bible". In 1967, the Bild Zeitung wrote articles about them. CBS sued them on 24th February 1967 because the name of a band under CBS contract sounded very similar. They lost the case and gave the money they made by selling their music to CBS. They split up shortly after.

In 1974, he patented an "easily accessible bath for the elderly".[6]

In the 1990s, the Royal Teens made a comeback and called themselves the Royal Oldies. Concerts were mostly sold out.


  • Lovers Of The World Unite (1966)
    The trembles

    Press release from the Record Lable (1967)

  • The Trembles - Here Comes My Baby / Baby Stop That Playin' Around (7" Single, 1967)
  • The Rangers - Black Is Black (7" SIngle 1966)
  • The Rangers - I Found a Love (7" Single, 1967)
  • Sad Sack Set - Number One / The World For Us (7" SIngle, 1967)
  • The Rangers - The Rangers (LP)[7]
  • The Rangers - These Boots Are Made For Walking (1967)
  • The Rangers - Very Last Day (1967)
  • The Rangers - Look Through Any Window (1967)
  • The Rangers - Long Valley Road (1993)
  • Ludwig Ickert - Memories
The Rangers-Black Is Black

The Rangers-Black Is Black

on German National TV



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