Pocahontas is a Dingo Pictures movie that was released in 1995. It is notable for being one of their longest movies and also being the first appearance of Wabuu.


Roaming around with her best friend, the curious and cheeky raccoon, Pocahontas, the beautiful chieftain daughter discovers a ship with a lot of strangers on the shore. "These White people will bring much woe to our people" predicts the chieftain. And actually, the gold-greedy captain of the ship starts a war on the Indians. Will Pocahontas succeed in preventing the inevitable fight and to save their people?

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  • This film was released in Germany in two versions: the complete 52-minute version and a shortened 29-minute version. Some international dubs are based on the short version.

Dub versions

  • At least for the English and Dutch dubs, the PlayStation version strangely plays the music in a much lower volume.


  • During the scene where Mr. Crunchbone tells the drunk men to look for gold when they're sober, a bug can be seen crawling on the screen.


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The original German film can be viewed here:

Dingo Pictures Pocahontas German
Dingo Pictures Pocahontas German

The English dub can be viewed here:

Dingo Pictures Pocahontas
Dingo Pictures Pocahontas
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