Sing mit Aladin
Sing mit Aladin 1
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Knock-off of Sing Along Songs (Walt Disney video series, 1986-1999)
Release date 1993
Running time 30 mins
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Sing mit Aladin is a compilation of songs from the Dingo Pictures movie Aladin that was most likely released in 1993.


The film begins with "Teppich fliegen", followed by a shortened version of the film. The parts without songs are strongly shortened with an additional narrator. Some of the songs also have scenes like in "Teppich fliegen" where the same guy points to the lyrics. The credits differ from the normal version and show pictures of some characters with the names of the voice actors, similar to the credits of "Der König der Tiere", "Pocahontas" and "Hercules".

A book with the same name was also published and is also lost. ISBN: 9783894672201


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  • The version of "Teppich Fliegen" that was used in this release appeared on the VCD release of Der König der Tiere.


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Dingo Pictures - Sing mit Aladin trailer

Dingo Pictures - Sing mit Aladin trailer

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