• German
    • Der Herr des Dschungels (later prints; Dingo Pictures website)
  • English
    • Lord of the Jungle (PlayStation, Midas Interactive)
    • Lord of the Rainforest (DVD, East West Entertainment)
  • French:
    • Le Seigneur de la Jungle (DVD, Fun Kids)
  • Italian:
    • Tarzan il re Della Giungla (DVD, Legocart)
  • Spanish:
    • La Leyenda de Tarzãn (DVD, Jenymar)

Dub actors

  • Portuguese
    • Mónica Xabi
    • Rui Martins
    • Cláudia Ramalho
    • Ruben Crasto
    • Irina Ribeiro
    • Paulo Martinez

Dub edits

  • In the English version, Tarzan and Jane's names were changed to Lord and Linda respectively, although Tarzan is used a few times.
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