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Woman: Soon my little treasure, you'll meet your father.

Woman: Won't be long now.

Shina: Well my little one, you'll soonly safe here.

Shina: But but, that's only sun show you mustn't be afraid of him.

Tico: Maybe he is thirsty, that's why he wanted to go into the water.

Shina: Do you have something for us, Tico?

Tico: I'm coming!

Shina: Give the coconut to him. Drink, little one.

Tico: Strange little monkey isn't even able to drink.

Shina: Of course not, I'm going to take him home with me, he'll learn like a real monkey.

Shina: Go and play!

Dragon: What a difference! That Lord is completely retarded!

Gopher: He's not being able to climb, either.

Shina: Of course he's able to climb. Raja, show him how it's done.

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