Title card

  • The WG, Art Media and Fun Kid's DVDs replaces the German title card with a custom-made French title. The East West DVD is based on these releases.
  • Later German copies redone the title card to read "DER HERR DES DSCHUNGELS" instead.
  • The European Portuguese dub has a voice-over reading the title in Portuguese.
  • The Spanish DVD has a custom-made title card as well.


  • The PlayStation version mutes out all lines in the English dub where Lord is incorrectly referred to as Tarzan.
  • The Russian DVD and Dingo's self-made German DVD had "AM NÄCHSTEN TAG". However, all non-German releases and (presumably) the Art Media release had the English translation, "THE NEXT DAY".


  • The European Portuguese dub has a voice-over saying the names of the people who provided the translation.
    • On the WG/Art Media DVD, the music cuts off after the credits are read.
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