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  • German:
    • Toys: Abenteuer im Spielzeugland (Dingo Pictures website)
    • Toys (VHS, Jünger Verlag)
  • English:
    • Toys (PlayStation, Phoenix Games)
    • The Toys Room (PlayStation 2, Phoenix Games; DVD, East West Entertainment)
    • Land of Toys (Dingo Pictures website)
  • French:
    • Toys (DVD, Fun Kids)
  • Italy:
    • Toys Story (DVD, Legocart)
    • Toys (DVD, Bimbo Cartoons)

Dub actors

Carmen Ambrós as Narrator[1]

Dub changes

  • There are two Spanish dubs of this movie, one of which completely changes the soundtrack and replaces it with music from APM Music. For example, the opening theme, which was originally "Samba de Sol" by Martin Rennicke, was changed to "Breezing Through (A)" by Dick Walter. A similar occurrence also occurred on the alternate Spanish dub of Anastasia.


The regular Spanish dub, using the original soundtrack.


Toys (1996) -Castellano-

The alternate Spanish dub, with the alternate soundtrack.

  • Similarly, the Bimbo Cartoons release uses the audio from the Italian dub of Es Weihnachtet sehr... instead of this movie. The Legocart releases uses the actual Italian dub of this movie.