• Wabuu der Waschbär (VHS, Jünger)
    Language: German
  • Wabuu der freche Waschbär (DVD, Kids Play 12502)
    Released: 2003 (Back cover / File date)  •  Language: German  •  No credits, alternate Copyright card
  • Wabuu (DVD, Art Media KDVD22)
    Released: 2004 (File date)  •  Language: German, English, French, Dutch  •  Full credits  •  DVD includes Previews for Aladin and Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten  •  First seconds of the movie are missing

United States

  • Wabuu the Little Racoon (DVD, East West Entertainment)
    Language: English
    Some copies of the DVD contain five bonus cartoons: "The Emperor's New Clothes" (Tales of Magic), "The King's Ears" (Tales of Magic), "House Cleaning Blues" (Betty Boop), "Scotty Finds a Home" (Rainbow Parade) and "The Impractical Joker" (Betty Boop)


  • Wabou Le Raton Laveur Espiègle (DVD, RYM Musique Video/Universal Studios Home Entertainment
    Languages: French, German
  • Wabou Le Roi La Foret (DVD, RYM Musique Video)


  • L'Orsetto Wabù (DVD, Digital Studio Production S.R.L.)
  • L'Orsetto del Cuore Wabù (DVD)



  • Wabuu, Ursuletu Cel Obraznic (CD, Eurostar)



  • Wabuu (VCD, Jenymar)


Radioplay (Germany)

  • Wabuu der freche Waschbär (30 March 2008, Radioplay CD, Magic 99012 )
    Language: German
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