• The Kids Play DVD starts the movie's audio uninterrupted, but the visuals don't appear until 7 seconds in.
  • The Russian DVD's master is based on the Kids Play release, except the Wabuu song abruptly started due to the 7 seconds of black being removed.
  • The source used for Art Media's dubs has an audio anomaly where the music is on the left audio channel whereas the sound effects and voices are on the right. This doesn't happen on the East West DVD however.
    • Also on said DVD, the first few seconds are cut off. The English track is the only track to play the Wabuu opening song properly due to it being out of sync.
      • The East West DVD cuts the opening further, instead having it fade on the second shot.
  • The Italian Sound Music International DVD cuts out the birds' remarks from the Wabuu song, and awkwardly repeats certain segments of the song, so the song is off-sync at certain parts. This does not carry over to the end credits, where the remarks are left intact.
  • While the Scandinavian DVD has the M&E track overlapping the audio for the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish dub, the Scandinavian CD-ROM port and VHS releases of the movie don't have that issue.

Title card

  • The French DVD (released by RYM Musique) has the title card being redone in both French and German.
  • The Italian DVD's title card has been edited rather sloppily, for you can still see part of Wabuu's tail when the title card is shown.

End credits

  • On the Art Media/Fun Kid's, East West and Italian DVDs, the full ending credits are seen with the Wabuu song still playing. However, the Kids Play, Scandinavian and Russian DVDs (and a Scandinavian CD-ROM port) end the movie abruptly.
  • The Kids Play and Russian DVDs had the "copyright Dingo Pictures 1996" credit replacing the original end credits.
  • The RYM Musique DVD makes use of their own end credits with the dub actors being listed. The German audiotrack (on the same DVD) only lists "DINGO RECORDS - GRÜEZI AG".
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