Wabuu der freche Waschbär
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Title card
Alternate German titles Wabuu der Waschbär
English titles Wabuu the Little Raccoon
Wabuu the Cheeky Raccoon
Written by Roswitha Haas
Starring Viola Seiffe
Alwine Ickert
Armin Drogat
Georg Feils
Klaus Miller
Music by Can Oral
Ludwig Ickert
Release date 1996
Running time 30 mins
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Wabuu der freche Waschbär is a Dingo Pictures movie that was released in 1996. A radioplay of this story was also released in 2004 on MC and CD.


"Most of the animals are so stupid..." sings Wabuu, the small cheeky raccoon during his excursions in the forest. Wabuu’s mind is set on nothing but nonsense and practical jokes. Nothing is more fun than to fool the clumsy bear or farmer Alfred’s mean watchdogs.

Only once Wabuu goes too far and Wuschel, the small squirrel is missing. Of course Wabuu has not intended that, but this time the other animals are real angry. Wabuu is terribly sorry. He starts looking for his friend Wuschel. But where to begin and what to do, if something really mysterious has occurred to Wuschel?

Taken from the official Dingo Pictures website, with typos fixed: http://www.dingo-pictures.de/en/wabuu-en.htm


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Note: All voice actors are uncredited in this movie.


 ) Original music
K ) Killer Tracks music
B ) Bluevalley music

  Wabuu's Song - ? [theme tune]
  Zip & Cindy - Steve Kujala [Plays throughout the film]
  Ominous Jungle Drums - ? [Used throughout the film]
  Marching - ? [Brummy's signature theme]
  Didgeridoo - ? [Plays throughout the film]
  Oops - Jonathan Merrill [Plays throughout the film]
  Acoustic Strings - ? [Wuschel reminding Wabuu that the nuts won't be in his house before it's winter]
  Suspense A - ? [Wabuu talking about his plan to trap thieves]
  Mystery - ? [The animals sniffed and searched for the egg]
  Horn and Xylophone - ? [Used throughout the film]
  Soraya, oh Soraya - ? [Wuschel still underneath the tree]
  Suspense B - ? [Wabuu being worried that he killed Wuschel]


  • The movie's theme song was allegedly released on some sort of CD under the title of Schwibbeldiwappdidu (Wabus Lied). However, the only evidence of this existing is a last.fm page on Armin Drogat.
  • The Finnish and Swedish dubs notably contain brief uses of offensive words.
  • A radioplay of this story was released in 2004 on audio cassette and CD.


  • The audio is out of sync with the visuals even more so than in other English-language versions of Dingo Pictures cartoons. All of the voice acting was done by what appears to be a father and son, and very rarely do their lines correspond to the mouth movements of the characters.
  • One scene in the English dub has the dialogue from the next scene. As a result, that scene has no audible dialogue.


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