Winkie der kleine Bär
Winkie-der-kleine-Baer title.jpg
Title card
Knock-off of Winnie the Pooh (Walt Disney Pictures)
Alternate German titles Teddy der kleine Bär
English titles Winky the Little Bear / Countryside Bears
Written by Roswitha Haas
Starring Armin Drogat
Georg Feils
Hanna Kandler
Simone Lang
Melanie Stefan
Rita Eischer
Music by Ludwig Ickert
Release date 2000
Running time 45 mins
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Winkie der kleine Bär is a Dingo Pictures movie that was released in 2000. It is notable for reusing footage from Wabuu der freche Waschbär near the end.



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  • The English title Countryside Bears is a knockoff of The Country Bears (Walt Disney Pictures, 2002), which wasn't made until two years later. The German title and DVD cover are more reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh.
  • This is the final appearance of Wabuu.


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