• German:
    • Teddy der kleine Bär (DVD, Kids Play)
    • Der kleine Bär (later prints)
    • Winkie (DVD menu, Art Media)
  • English:
    • Winky the Little Bear (PlayStation, Phoenix Games; DVD, East West Entertainment)
    • Countryside Bears (PlayStation 2, Phoenix Games)
    • The little bear (DVD title card, Kids Play)
  • Italian:
    • L'orso Winny (DVD, Legocart)
  • French:
    • Winny dans de Nouvelles Aventures... (DVD, Fun Kid's)
    • Le petit ours (DVD title card, Kids Play)

Dub actors

  • Italian:
    • Claudio Moneta as Wabuu and Wuschel
    • Stefano Albertini as the Gophers
    • Diego Sabre as Teddy
    • Federica Valenti as Weiner and Mi
    • Dania Cericola as Pat, Mo and the Narrator
    • Patrizio Prata as Grumpy

Dub edits

  • Like the Danish dubs of Pocahontas and Wabuu der freche Waschbär, the Wabuu theme song was redone for the Danish dub of this movie. However, this movie uses a completely different song rather than using a simplified version of the German theme. The song also plays during the beginning of the credits.
    • Strangely, in that dub, the audio from the English dub plays whenever Yodel yodels, with the exception of the scene where they go to tell Grumpy about the hole.
  • In the Brazilian dub, Wabuu's song is dubbed, but unlike all other dubs of any Dingo Pictures movie, seems to use the original instrumental without the German version overlapping it.
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