Wabuu: Hello, Weiner. Hello, Yodel. Hello, Pat.

Weiner: Hello, Wabuu! Nice of you to visit us.

Wabuu: Yes, I was out for a walk and I thought "I wonder what Teddy, Weiner, Yodel and Pat are up to".

Pat: Yodel is practicing yodeling, and he's quite good at it.

Yodel: (yodels)

Weiner: And Pat climbs up and down the trees.

Wabuu: And you, Weiner? What are you up to?

Yodel: Weiner has a new book, and she's going to read to us later.

Wabuu: Well, all I need to know now is what is Teddy doing.

Weiner: Teddy is visiting Grumpy.

Yodel: We think that Grumpy is only grumpy because he lives all alone.

Weiner: And we've decided that every day, one of us will go and visit him.

Pat: And today, it’s Teddy's turn.

Wabuu: Does that mean that Grumpy wants to be alone with Teddy and I would disturb them if I were to visit him as well?

Pat: No, I'm sure you won’t. But, don't say that. It’s Teddy that you actually want to visit.

Weiner: Grumpy will be insulted and have another reason to be grumpy.

Wabuu: Good! Then, I’ll go and visit Grumpy. And when I see Teddy, I’ll say “Nice to see you too, Teddy!”

Yodel: This is a good idea, Wabuu. Yeah!

Pat: See you later, Wabuu!

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