Title card

  • The Kids Play DVD shows a pair of blue, white and blue squares that read "Teddy der kleine Bär", "Teddy the little Bear" and "Teddy le petit Ours".
  • All later German prints and the Russian DVD changed the title card to read "der kleine Bär" instead of the original title.


  • The Best Entertainment DVD (and presumably the original Jünger VHS) strangely mutes the characters laughing after the Wabuu der freche Waschbär flashback ends. You can even hear a brief snippet of "Soraya Oh Soraya" right after Wabuu's song ends.
  • The Greek dub strangely cuts off after Mi asks Wabuu to tell another story.
  • The East West DVD malfunctions at the scene where Grumpy gives Teddy and Wabuu an umbrella so much, that it just skips to the next scene.
  • All later German prints and the Russian DVD remove an entire scene showing a condensed version of Wabuu der freche Waschbär.


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